Ugoccie – Isimgbaka

Ugoccie – Isimgbaka

Ugoccie – Isimgbaka
Ugoccie – Isimgbaka
The new song “Isimgbaka” by Nigerian singer-songwriter and music icon Ugoccie has just released. Ugoccie’s skill and inventiveness are on full display in this song, which you just must add to your playlist. The opening song on her most recent album, “Voice of the East,” which has five tracks total, is “Isimgbaka.” The gifted Endeetones produced the song.

Listeners are guaranteed to be captivated by “Isimgbaka” because to Ugoccie’s distinct sound and fascinating lyrics. Ugoccie’s most recent release of 2024, this song showcases her development as an artist and her progress in the music business. Make sure you hear and download “Isimgbaka” so you can fully appreciate Ugoccie’s musical enchantment.

Bringing you this new music required a great deal of effort and commitment. Kindly demonstrate your approval by downloading and listening to the song as much as you can! We appreciate all of your help and hope you like the new song!

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